Our Partners

We are proud to work closely with a selection of Partners to deliver our own brand of business growth.


Blockchain Strategy & Development Founded in 2012, Cryptonomy seeks to deliver socially beneficial innovation to the world by challenging the status quo with cryptocurrencies, blockchain and decentralised ledger technology. Its clients include Ethereum, the Cardano Foundation and the Royal Mint.


Bad guys are getting smarter every day. The financial good guys are crippled by regulatory hurdles and sleepy technology. The founders of Salv came together in 2009 on a mission to change that. Salv partners with banks and Fintechs to mitigate AML risks by building smart and easy AML software. We outsmart the bad guys and cure the world of financial crime.


We believe in making software simple and solving our client’s toughest challenges through digital innovation and disruptions. We enable our partners through data and insight driven solutions, knowing that we’ve got what it takes to bring their vision to life. We have worked with some of the world’s most innovative brands to implement new age technologies in the fields of machine learning & automation. Our success has been based always putting the customer first, building world class mobile & web products, rich digital experiences and engagements that create cost efficiencies and new revenue streams.

Global Executive Search

SyBlue is a boutique group of experienced Search professionals helping organisations to recruit leadership positions and future stars. SyBlue works with funded startups and established businesses, across Europe, going through growth or transformation. SyBlue is particularly experienced in HR, Product, Finance, Communications & Commercial areas across Technology, Digital, Consumer & Fintech businesses.