NW/A is a seasoned consultancy that has been building leadership teams in technology markets for over 28 years.

Specialising in augmenting these capabilities with your strategy to connect opportunity with action.

As the world shifted from dial-up internet, NW/A was building modern and ground-breaking customer experiences that are now considered to be the minimums to attract and retain customers. Founded upon robust operating models, while always remaining agile to opportunity, this group has directly delivered billions of dollars of value to some of the world’s most recognisable brands.

  • Connecting traditional bricks and mortar stores to provide sales and service, delighting customers in the moment to increase conversion
  • Writing the playbooks that support brands to realise the benefits of consistent multi-channel customer touchpoints
  • Being in the room when the capital that powered the scaling of the Web 2.0 era, leading to market consolidation by today's trillion dollar mega brands
  • Defining, designing and delivering assisted sales, service models optimised for growth with on, near and far-shore capability

The outcome from these moments is an intelligent network of operational experts who can scale across every phase of business maturity. Connecting your business to a powerful partner network to balance the often opposing forces of daily delivery and long-term transformation.

Pedigree Advisory
NW/A commits its team to 2-5 major client projects each year. Each major project will include many elements of the capabilities and services listed below, and they will all share a common thread of transformational change as rich fuel for growth.

Key capability topics:
  • Vision, Strategy & Action
  • C-Team Collaboration Acceleration
  • Structured Optimisation Workshops
  • Revenue Assurance Precision
  • Customer Success Incubation
  • Healthcheck
  • Executive Retreats
  • Governance & Target Operating Models
  • modular Programs for Leaders
  • Strategy & Culture Transformation
  • Experts Associate Placement
  • Business Event Readiness
Client work
The NW/A methodologies were stress tested with world class brands and forged during some of the most significant moments of transformation of the internet age. The collaborative, global, ecosystem of change agents available through NW/A enables business of all shapes and sizes to take advantage of these capabilities, with immediate impact, without the traditionally unproductive period deciding how to change while losing the momentum of why.

Contact the team now to learn more about or client successes and use cases with brands such as:

  • Microsoft
  • ESW
  • Omio
  • Engenera
  • EY
  • Royal Mint
  • Tappitt

Internationally Recognised Innovators

NW/A is proud to have been one of the select companies profiled in the official History of Parliament Trust 300 Years of Leadership and Innovation commemorative album.

The History of Parliament Trust - one of the most respected and authoritative research projects in British History - launched this new publication at Westminster Abbey and we were thrilled to have been present at such an iconic moment in history.

Produced in partnership with leading publisher St James's House and written by an editorial team of distinguished academics and award-winning authors, this beautifully designed, fully illustrated, 600+ page hardback publication was launched to coincide with the 300th anniversary of the appointment of Britain's first prime minister, Robert Walpole, in 1721.

Celebrating the best of British leadership, 300 Years of Leadership and Innovation features expertly written articles on those who have shaped British society, past and present; from Walpole to Cromwell, Churchill to Blair, the late Queen Elizabeth and King Charles to captains of industry.
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