Our Methodology

Our approach is simple - define the destination and get you there!
‘We implement our own unique methodology that aligns with the principles of Bruce Tuckman’s Forming to Performing model, which spells out the stages all businesses go through to realise value!’
Phase 1 | Baseline the business
This is the most important step and one which we have found can be overlooked by current ownership, management teams and traditional consultants. Mediocrity and missed opportunity is symptomatic of underinvesting in this stage and can lead to businesses focusing on small gains vs standing back, asking and answering the big questions!

This is our differentiation from the outset, an honest realisation with the exec team on where the business and the people currently are. A quite sobering exercise in itself, but one that focuses the mind and leads to the next stage, now to get where you want to be.
Phase 2 | Shaking the tree
This phase can feel quite disruptive as the team enters a phase of testing all known assumptions in the current business model.

This starts with assessing growth potential and moves on to;
  • diagnose product & service fit,
  • limiting factors, available data and metrics
  • the operating rhythm of the business.
As an outcome the blueprint for success is created, enabling a clear line of sight for realising the value delta. We often say this is “hold your nerve” time and our team is well seasoned in navigating through this stage and keeping you in the driving seat of your business.
Phase 3 | Future Proofing Culture & Capability
NW/A will manage your business acceleration through aligning your c-suite, clients, teams and technologies around a refreshed model and plan that’s geared for success.

Use of data, metrics, accountability and an agile culture are coached and delivered in a painstakingly detailed fashion as the team moves to a new “normal”. We organise our associates into the following deployment teams to execute this stage.

The Growth Team: the team will get to work to optimise channel strategy, brand, creative and sales team motion, bringing a relentless focus on every variable within the acquisition funnel.

The Culture Team: our intervention will enable the right leadership across the business, stepping in if required, through to running cultural training, coaching & mentoring sessions at an individual level.

The “Factory” Team: the powerhouse of the business that delivers the customer promise every minute of every day! Our team will optimise process flow, system capabilities, operating at scale and building a DNA that puts NPS at the heart of the decision making during every customer interaction.

The Technology Team: can transform the technology cycle to be agile or engage in a pre-existing agile motion. Either way our team will look to leverage latest Technologies to generate business value.
Phase 4 | Value Delta Delivered
At NW/A we ultimately believe it's all about performing, but recognise that without a robust baseline, an open mind and appetite to change, performance can just be dream.

The NW/A way enables the performing stage to be reached, and keeps pushing your business back there when people go looking for the old pain.

The result is :
  • A business with a beating heart, Performing.
  • Empowered teams, focused on striving to achieve the company goals
  • A culture that has been tangibly transformed.